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Rock Cousins Home - Rock Cousins Hello buddies ! Welcome to ''http://rockcousins.wikifoundry.com''. This site is specially made for us,cousins who rock. Believe me, we really DO rock!

For non- club members who want to proceed, please go to 'Fun Games To Play In The Web' to play, and if you are needing some tips for love, go to the "Need Some Dating Tips" page from our team love expert, The LOVE DOCTOR.If you do not know how to go there please look to YOUR LEFT,beside this message. As you should know, this is a private site only for the Rock Cousins who of course, ROCK.

Check out the videos page on the top for cool videos and others. Thanks! :D

You can check out another of our fan site by clicking on your left side " Awesome Pictures"! One of them are aquarium cousins pics. Hope you enjoy! :)

We will be adding more and more interesting pages,just for you!So don't miss out!!!


Rock Cousins Home - Rock Cousins

Please DO NOT sign up for an account. You can sign up here, but that does not mean you are one of us.If you signed up against our request, we will make your position lower on this website so you cannot do anything but join disscussions and leave comments. But if you continue to post bad comments, we can and will ban you and you will not be able to do anything.Please contact us, go to our secret site (of course if you know it) and redeem your membership or you can SUBSCRIBE to our website and be a VIP member(membership card provided), edit lots of stuff, (to find where we are or contact us, please look at our secret site.)
Thank You Very Much,but we are not saying that it is easy for you to redeem your membership or subscricbe to our website.I hope you understand.Thank you.

To know what is the site of our so called "secret site" look through our website. There is a clue in one of the pictures. Then add two words to the site on wetpaint.

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Rock Cousins,

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